Katelyn | Louisiana Tech Senior Portrait Session

Katelyn, now a Louisiana Tech graduate with a Business Degree, celebrated her achievement with a fantastic senior session. She was a blast to work with and had a natural flair for the camera. The Tech campus provided a stunning backdrop, I’m considering it for future family sessions because of its beauty during this time of year.

Senior sessions at colleges are the usual, the campus serves as the perfect setting, and outfits reflect your major and time at the school. Katelyn, a former Dogs cheerleader, brought her stunt partner for some incredible photos, capturing her essence beautifully. The elegant black cap and gown from Tech added a professional touch, contrasting with my alma mater’s green attire, YUCK. She wanted to include her sister, Anna Claire, who also graduated this year, from high school. I loved that I was able to capture both of these sweet girls. The session was an awesome mix of Tech landmarks, stunts, and fountain fun, making it one of my all-time favorite shoots. I am looking forward to watching Katelyn’s journey as she steps into the role of a cheer coach!

You can see Katelyn’s session below and check out Anna Claire’s downtown session here.



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