The lover of photography, teacher, and dreamer of the family. Always trying to spend money on food or clothes!

Hey, I'm the photographer of the fam. I adore telling stories through images. I also teach middle school ela full time so teaching is a passion that lead me to not only serve brides and seniors, but also teach new photographers. 

brittany Reeves

We have two kiddos. A six year old black lab, and a new baby as of May 2021. These two are our worlds and we LOVE to spoil them and show them off to the world. 

cute • loves to cuddle

Bella Roux + Liam

The man of Brittany's dreams, sometimes second shooter, and biggest supporter of Brittany's dreams. Loves hunting, sports, and aggravating Brittany. Will also keep grooms up to date on scores of big games. 

proffesional bag holder